Think Chicken, Think Menasha Corporation? Subsidiary To Supply KFC With Plastic Containers



ORBIS Corporation, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, will now be supplying KFC with a standardized, reusable, plastic container to ship fresh poultry. The poultry will be shipped from various KFC suppliers to KFC stores.

KFC uses plastic containers because they can be easily cleaned and are a cost-effective way to ship fresh poultry.

ORBIS got this contract through some head's up smart work: The ORBIS team collaborated with KFC suppliers, distribution centers and stores to carefully analyze the KFC supply chain. With that information, ORBIS identified ways to make the supply chain more effective. Following some rigorous product testing by ORBIS, KFC then selected ORBIS for this opportunity based on the quality of the ORBIS product, its packaging and supply chain expertise, and ORBIS' demonstrated knowledge of KFC's specialized supply chain.