Menasha Corporation Foundation Announces Donations On Behalf Of ORBIS Employees


The Menasha Corporation today announced the following donations made on behalf of its ORBIS employees:

$5,000 to the Emerald City Theatre Company and $1,500 to Children's Memorial Hospital, both located in Chicago, on behalf of ORBIS' National Container Services located in Alsip, IL

$2,500 to the Community Food Bank in Fresno, CA, on behalf of ORBIS Container Services in Fresno

$1,000 to the Oconomowoc Regional Cancer Center on behalf of ORBIS Corporation in Oconomowoc.

Each year the Foundation provides funding to individual locations of the Corporation's four operating companies as a means of encouraging and supporting employee efforts to improve their communities. Employee Community Action Teams work with organization to understand the varying needs of citizens and, on a facility-by-facility basis, match resources to those needs. The Foundation recognizes the leadership and commitment of its employees bring to understanding community needs and serving others.