Turning sustainability into value

Menasha Corporation helps some of the biggest names in their respective industries protect, move, and promote their products. We provide cost-effective solutions that contribute to our customers’ bottom line while also helping customers reduce their overall environmental impact. 

Reusable Packaging

Our ORBIS business is an award-winning, industry leader that  produces plastic reusable totes, pallets, containers, protective interiors, carts, and racks. Consistent awards include Food Logistics Top Green Provider; Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Green Supply Chain Award and its 2021 Top Supply Chain Award; and Inbound Logistics G75 Green Supply Chain Partner.

ORBIS’ entire portfolio supports the circular economy concept, which is based on a continuous flow of product in the value chain. ORBIS helps companies reduce/eliminate waste associated with single-use or expendable packaging; reuse packaging assets over a long service life, and recycle packaging at the end-of-life.

Environmental Sustainability Analysis

We help our customers make informed decisions. Our Menasha Packaging business has a proprietary environmental calculator that measures energy, waste, and greenhouse gas for a product, assisting customers in evaluating design options for point-of purchase displays and other products used at retail. Our ORBIS business conducts a comprehensive environmental analysis to identify and calculate the energy, water consumption, and solid waste impacts of reusable versus single-use packaging.

Our sustainability progress is enhanced by engaging our customers and markets and evaluating the needs and expectations of the supply chain against defined sustainability drivers. As society moves to a circular economy, we will continue to improve material options and creative solutions.

Sustainability doesn’t happen by accident – it’s a function of dedicated thinking and innovation. Learn more >