Turning sustainability into value

Menasha Corporation helps some of the biggest names in their respective industries protect, move and promote their products. We provide cost-effective solutions that contribute to our customers’ bottom line while also helping customers reduce their overall environmental impact. 

Reusable Packaging

ORBIS produces plastic reusable containers, pallets, protective interiors and recycling bins and provides reusable packaging management services. Food Logistics, an industry trade publication, recently names ORBIS one of its ‘Top Green Providers’ for our contributions in providing reusable, recyclable packaging to handle food products. Our life-cycle assessment, a proprietary program that helps customers calculate their greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste and electricity related to reusable packaging, was highlighted.

Environmental Sustainability Analysis

We help our customers make informed decisions. Our Menasha Packaging business has a proprietary environmental calculator that measures energy, waste and greenhouse gas for a product, assisting customers in evaluating design options for point-of purchase displays and other products used at retail. Our ORBIS business conducts a comprehensive environmental analysis to identify and calculate the energy, water consumption and solid waste impacts of reusable versus single-use packaging.

Recycle with ORBIS Program

ORBIS works with customers to collect containers or pallets at the end of their service and recycle or reprocess them into other useful products.

Reusable Packaging Management

With ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) services, ORBIS provides asset tracking and management services to reduce loss and accelerate container and pallet turns. ORBIS RPM operates more than 28 service centers in North America.

Power of Paperless

A paperless Manufacturing Execution System has eliminated the need for multiple paper job packets on the manufacturing floor at our ORBIS facilities. Each work center has a touchscreen interface with all production and quality information.

Minimizing Ink Impact

Much of Menasha Packaging’s printing work is done in specific, custom colors to match their customers’ brands. At one time, there were no good options for recycling ink. We’ve refined the process for estimating ink needs to minimize the amount of waste. And we’ve developed processes to blend waste ink into basic black that can be used for industrial container lettering and basic bar code printing, where color match is not so critical.

Sustainability doesn’t happen by accident – it’s a function of dedicated thinking and innovation. Learn more >