Providing Unparalleled Packaging & Supply Chain Solutions

Delivering Efficiency for Curbside Pickup

Our ORBIS business is helping major U.S. grocers to meet the dramatic increase in online grocery shopping and curbside delivery. Retailers use ORBIS totes to fulfill online orders that are picked up curbside by consumers. ORBIS' Pally, a hybrid dolly/pallet with wheels, is also used to wheel orders from store to curb.


Fast-Tracking Launch for GlaxoSmithKline

Our Menasha Packaging business fast-tracked materials, artwork, and prepacking for displays to promote a popular GlaxoSmithKline medication that was previously available by prescription only and is now available over the counter.


Power Consumption Reduced 15%

A new machine at our ORBIS business rapidly produces large, high-quality parts in the production of Bulk-Pak containers (pictured at right) and select plastic pallets. The new technology incorporates an energy-efficient hydraulic system, reducing power consumption by 15%


Robotic System Provides Energy Efficiency

A robotic case handling system at our Menasha Packaging business automates the process of moving finished goods from packaging lines to pallets. The energy efficient new system eliminates a manual and repetitive process, reducing employee injuries and improving safety.


Completely Recyclable

Our ORBIS business' Lite Foam material, used in the automotive supply chain, is completely recyclable at the end of its life. Made with durability and sustainability in mind, Lite Foam protects lightweight parts during transit, assembly, and storage, reducing supply chain and landfill impacts.


Cleaning Up Coastline Waste

Our ORBIS business' Ocean in Mind program is helping to clean up coastline waste and stimulate local economies. The program reclaims and reuses plastic material recovered near major waterways. Once collected, the plastic is sorted, reprocessed, and used to make reusable packaging for the supply chain. ORBIS collaborates with valued partners to collect and reprocess this waste into useful materials for its manufacturing process. 



Sole Partner for Kellogg's Onsite Fulfillment

Our Menasha Packaging business is the exclusive partner for Kellogg's onsite fulfillment operations. Our co-packing sites are embedded in Kellogg's facilities to help move Kellogg's food products to retail markets.


Global Baking Industry Leader Adds Sustainability to Supply Chain with ORBIS Tray

ORBIS partnered with the global leader in the baking industry to design a standardized tray to streamline their bakery production plants and add sustainability to their supply chain. The new tray features improved side posts, multiple cavity molds, and capacity for holding multiple layers of product in one tray.


Reusable for Up to 70 Trips

Our PlastiCorr container is an ideal replacement for brown boxes in automated packaging lines. Reusable for up to 70 trips, PlastiCorr is hygienic, sustainable, and offers a rapid return on investment for today's consumer packaged goods companies. 



ResponsiPak Eliminates Single-Use Plastic

Menasha Packaging's ResponsiPak portfolio of responsible packaging solutions includes patented designs that reduce waste, eliminate carbon emissions through improved shipping, or eliminate 100% of single-use plastic (i.e., blister packaging). ResponsiPak's portfolio includes patented options and helps customers achieve their sustainable packaging objectives. 


Automation Offers Efficiency, Safety

Our ORBIS business in Toronto, Canada is making use of robotic systems to improve workflow and efficiency, as well as to increase safety and improve ergonimics. An autmated labeling system affixes RFID smart labels onto totes and then scans them. The system reduces repetitive labor and eliminates bending or reaching.


100% Recyclable Package

Miller Electric, a leading arc welding and cutting equipment manufacturer, tapped Menasha Packaging to help package its products more sustainably. This recyclable corrugate package--designed and produced by Menasha Packaging for gas welding torches--eliminated non-recyclable plastic packaging components.