Helping companies move products responsibly

As today’s leading companies look to drive sustainability in their business, they scrutinize every point of their supply chain – including the packaging used to move their products. This is where ORBIS excels.

ORBIS’s reusable plastic pallets, totes, dunnage and bulk systems improve the flow of product to reduce costs, enhance profitability and add sustainability. And with its implementation and reusable packaging management services, ORBIS also provides the analysis and expertise you need to ensure a smooth conversion to reusable packaging … as well as a rapid return on investment.

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Water Project Cuts Water Use in Half

An efficient new closed-loop water cooling system at ORBIS’ Westmore facility in Ontario, Canada, is saving more than 1,585,000 gallons of water (6 million liters) a year and $150,000 in electricity. The system is used to cool machine hydraulics and set molten plastic in the molds during manufacturing.
The new cooling system incorporates a closed cooling tower and a high-velocity interior chiller. The technology ensures clean water, eliminates evaporation loss and uses ambient outside temperature in winter to cool the water. And because the system removes heat more quickly, the facility has reduced cycle times approximately 7% across the plant.