Intelligently moving products to your house

The name says “packaging,” but Menasha Packaging’s innovative capabilities go much further. The company has created a nationally supported network of specialized packaging, printing, brand management, and pack-out and fulfillment. These groups offer integrated capabilities for developing strategically designed packaging and merchandising solutions that create best-in-class supply chain solutions and deliver world-class results.

Menasha Packaging’s products include a multitude of retail and food service packaging solutions, pharmaceutical packaging, traffic stopping P-O-P displays and more. It supports its customers’ retail objectives throughout the merchandising supply chain, including setting new standards for sustainable packaging.

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Menasha Steps Up to the Plate for Green Savings

Menasha Packaging achieved significant energy savings and cut chemical use by 70% in a project that scored environmental and economic wins.
Two business units—one in York, Pa., and the other in Neenah, Wis.—teamed up to find a better way to source, purchase and process printing plates for our display business.
The businesses identified a low-cost supplier who met our high-quality standards; combined their purchasing power into one supply stream; and upgraded to green technology that eliminated the need to bake printing plates in industrial ovens.