Committed to helping communities thrive

Menasha Corporation’s belief in strong communities began with the corporation’s founder in the late 1800s, long before the term “corporate social responsibility” was coined.

The company’s legacy of giving back was formalized in 1953 with the establishment of the Menasha Corporation Foundation.

The Foundation focuses on nonprofit organizations in North America that provide services centered around safe and healthy citizens, education, community improvement, cultural activities and environmental sustainability.

Menasha Corporation Foundation Board of Directors

Michael K. Waite
Menasha Corporation Foundation and Smith Family Shareholder

James M. Kotek
President and CEO
Menasha Corporation
Chairman of Menasha Corporation Foundation

Thomas M. Rettler
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Menasha Corporation
Vice President of Menasha Corporation Foundation

William F. Ash

ORBIS Corporation

Weston W. Radford, MD

Internal Medicine Doctor
Affinity Health Systems
Smith Family Shareholder

Kevin Schuh
Director of Corporate Accounting
Menasha Corporation
Treasurer of Menasha Corporation Foundation

Owen Smith
Direct Store Delivery Operations Manager
Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Smith Family Shareholder

Margie D. Weiss, Ph.D., LEED AP®, Emeritus
Weiss Health Group
Community Health Advocate

Angie Burns
Human Resources Business Partner
Menasha Packaging Company
Secretary of Menasha Corporation Foundation